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But in the last fiscal year, the fund to pay for waste clean up brought in only 0,000.

A the end of the year, the effective cash balance was zero."It's a swirling mess, frankly," Warren said.

But despite efforts to remove tainted soil and clean groundwater, problems still exist.Akroyd said it comes down to a lack of resources."In a perfect world and a perfect unending amount of money, what we would want to do is get to every site on that list and do whatever it needs from the smallest to the highest," Akroyd said."That's not possible at all."In an annual report to the General Assembly, the estimated cost of cleaning up the 330 sites where a responsible owner can't be found approaches 0 million.But by sheer numbers, the 14 coal ash ponds spread across North Carolina pale in comparison to the nearly 3,000 various waste sites across the state.That includes decommissioned industrial facilities, abandoned dry cleaners and old landfills.

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