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lips: to tan or blow dry and parched) ahavoitua [e.g.

This platform enables those in the UK and Worldwide with CENSORED Internet connections to BYPASS these filters by using our uncensored proxies.The comb can then be displayed to younger soldiers for their envy aamukaste :: morning dew aamukirkko :: morning mass aamukylmä :: morning cool aamulehti :: morning paper Aamulehti :: Finland's second-largest daily newspaper, published in Tampere aamulenkki :: morning run aamulepakko :: cave nectar bat (Eonycteris spelaea) aamulähetys :: morning program, morning broadcast aamulla :: at morning aamullinen :: Occurring in the morning aamulämpö :: morning temperature (body temperature in the morning) aamulämpötila :: alternative term for aamulämpö (body temperature in the morning) aamulämpötila :: morning temperature (atmospheric temperature in the morning) aamulypsy :: morning milking aamunavaus :: morning assembly (joint meeting at the beginning of a working day, chiefly held in schools, the purpose of which is to orientate the students to the working day, to share information or to deliver a message which may have ideological or religious content, depending on the country) aamunkajo :: dawn (the first light of the day which appears some time before the sunrise) aamunkoi :: dawn, sunrise, break of day aamunkoite :: dawn, daybreak, first light, cockcrow aamunkoitteessa :: at dawn aamunkoitto :: dawn, daybreak, break of dawn; sunrise aamunraikas :: fresh as the morning aamunsarastus :: dawn, daybreak aamuntorkku :: late riser aamunvirkku :: early riser aamupahoinvointi :: morning sickness aamupala :: breakfast aamupalvelus :: matins aamupäivä :: (late) morning, forenoon (part of the day roughly from the beginning of working hours to midday) aamupäiväinen :: Taking place during the morning half of the day aamupäivisin :: In the mornings (habitually taking place during the morning half of the day) aamupäivätoiminta :: In Finnish comprehensive schools (peruskoulu), an optional non-curricular activity offered for the 1st and 2nd year students before the beginning of the school day.This allows working parents to bring their children to school in a time that fits their working hours aamupuku :: morning dress, morning suit (men's formal attire worn during the day) aamupuoli :: The part of day or night which is close to the morning, i.e.center for adult learning in the US aikuismainen :: adultlike aikuistua :: To grow up, mature, reach maturity, become an adult, come of age aikuisuus :: adulthood aikuisviihde :: adult entertainment Aila :: female given name ailahdella [of a person] :: To waver, vacillate, have mood shifts, (of somebody’s mood, emotions and opinions) to change unpredictably, suddenly or rapidly (in a continuous manner) ailahdella [physically] :: To shift, move about, rise and fall, come and go, rock from side to side ailahdus [of emotions] :: A sudden change ailahtaa [of mental mood, emotions] :: To change suddenly or rapidly ailahtaa [of mental mood, emotions] :: To find expression suddenly/rapidly, be expressed/manifested ailahtelu :: shift of moods ailakki :: A campion, a flower of the genus Silene Aili :: female given name ailurofobia :: ailurophobia aimara :: An Aymara aimara :: Aymara (language of South America) aimo :: An intensifier, used to emphasize quality in a positive sense Aimo :: male given name aina :: always aina [fishing] :: The string in the upper or lower edge of a fishing net or seine Aina :: female given name ainainen :: constant, perpetual, eternal ainaiseksi :: alternative form of ainiaaksi ainakaan :: connegative form of ainakin, used always with the negation verb ei; see ei ainakaan ainakin :: at least ainakin :: for one (as one person among other people) aina kun :: every time, whenever ainavihanta :: evergreen (plant) aine :: essay (written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject, especially on written as part of one's schoolwork) aine :: matter, material, substance aine :: subject (particular area of study, especially one thought in a school) aineellinen :: corporeal aineellistaa :: to materialize aineellistua :: to materialise/materialize aineellistuma :: abstract (something that concentrates in itself the qualities of something else) aineellisuus [accounting] :: materiality aineenvaihdunta :: Metabolism aineeton :: intangible, immaterial, incorporeal aineettomampi :: comparative form of aineeton -aineinen :: As headword of compound terms only: consisting of the type of substance as defined by the modifier aineistaa [rare] :: To materialise/materialize aineisto :: material (texts etc.) aineistua [rare] :: to materialize/materialise, become material aineistuma :: alternative form of aineellistuma -aineksinen :: As head word of compound terms only, consisting of ingredients such as defined by the modifier ainemäärä [chemistry] :: amount of substance aines :: ingredient, constituent aines :: material ainesana [grammar] :: material noun ainesosa :: ingredient ainevirsi :: alternative term for graduaalivirsi Aini :: female given name, variant of Aino ainiaaksi :: forever (for all time, for all eternity); chiefly used in contexts where something or someone is gone for ever ainiaan [poetic] :: always (at all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually) Ainikki :: female given name aino [archaic, ,, poetic] :: only, sole aino :: Ainu Aino :: A heroine in the Kalevala Aino :: female given name ainoa :: only (having no siblings) ainoa :: only, sole ainoastaan :: only, just, alone ainokainen :: only child ainokainen :: singleton (single object) ainu :: an Ainu ainu :: the Ainu language ainunkielinen :: Ainu-language, Ainu-speaking, Ainu (of Ainu language) ainuntaa :: to translate into Ainu language ainut :: only ainutkertainen :: Unique (one that occurs only once) ainutkertaisempi :: comparative form of ainutkertainen ainutlaatuinen :: unique (without equal) ainutlaatuisempi :: comparative form of ainutlaatuinen aioli :: aioli aiolinen [music] :: Aeolian aion :: aeon aion [geology] :: eon aioni :: eon (very long period of time) aioni [geology] :: eon Aira :: female given name Airi :: female given name.Variant: Aira airo :: oar airokala :: giant oarfish, king of herrings (Regalecus glesne), in Finnish the name species of the family Regalecidae airokala :: oarfish (any fish in the family Regalecidae) aironveto :: stroke of oar airopari :: A pair of oars airue :: herald airut :: A harbinger, omen, messenger airutkuvio :: An ordinary (standard geometric design in heraldics) ais [music] :: A-sharp aisa :: pole (of a cart or wagon) aisa :: shaft (one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle) aisankannattaja :: cuckold aisapari :: bedfellow aisata :: To bark (strip the bark from a tree) partially, in order to speed up drying of the wood aisaus :: barking (stripping the bark from a tree) aisti :: sense aistia :: To sense aistiharha :: hallucination aistihavainto :: sensory perception aistikas :: tasteful, artistic, charming, cultivated, cultured, delicate, elegant, exquisite, judicious aistikkaampi :: comparative form of aistikas aistillinen :: sensual aistimus :: perception aistin :: sensor, sense organ (organ) aistinelin [anatomy] :: sense organ -aistinen :: As headword of compound terms only, having senses of the type defined by the modifier aistiton :: senseless (having no senses, sensory organs) aistittomampi :: comparative form of aistiton aistittomin :: superlative form of aistiton aita :: fence aitajuoksu :: hurdling aitajuoksu :: In the names of specific events hurdles aitalikusteri :: wild privet, common privet, European privet, Ligustrum vulgare aitaorapihlaja :: A species of hawthorn (Crataegus flabellata var. Crataegus grayana) aitaus :: An area surrounded by fences; a yard, corral aitio :: A box in a theatre etc aito :: bona fide (authentic, genuine) aito :: real, authentic aitoa [sports] :: To run hurdles aitoamerikkalainen :: all-American aitohunajakukka :: lacy phacelia, purple tansy, Phacelia tanacetifolia (annual herb used as cover crop, to attract bees or as ornamental plant) aitoja :: A hurdler aitojalohaukka :: falcon (any of the birds of prey in the genus Falco) aitokana :: Any bird of the family Phasianidae, including e.g.

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