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The inner harbour, consisting of the current East and West Quays, was constructed from this time.An outer harbour was added in 1888, but seriously damaged in a blizzard in 1891. The harbour was given charitable trust status in 1988.Although there were talks about renovating the resort since 2004 (when we had the camp there for the first time), and before that in 1989, and even before that in 1974, 19, this time, if we can trust those who are leading Serbia, we will finally see the whole resort being renovated.That means that at least in 2018 we will have our summer camp in some other location (which is known only to the author of this text).The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) stationed a lifeboat at Portmellon in 1869, but in 1888 moved it to Mevagissey.It was kept afloat in the harbour for a few years but in 1896 was moved into a purpose-built concrete boat house.

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The inner and outer harbours are busy with a mixture of pleasure vessels and working fishing boats, the remains of a once major industry.The neighbouring station at Fowey had recently been equipped with a motor lifeboat and this could cover the coast around Mevagissey.The old boat house has since been used as an aquarium; that at Portmellon has been converted into a house.Pilchards were also imported from Plymouth for curing at the Cornish Sardine Factory and the imported salt was also used for adding to butter at the same factory.Barley, grown nearby, was exported to Campbeltown, Scotland.

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