Define antedating

The Appeals website will acknowledge those who have submitted usable and verifiable evidence.

To date a document to a time before it was actually written or signed.

Shouldn’t I be antedating gay speech before queers and LGBTs and trannies get all of it banned, as they are trying to do with ?

They are literally defining us out of existence and literally rewriting and denying our history.

in the specific sense of “haček.” I found the first reference, in a Word Perfect user manual I still have. Then I wondered why the hell I was wasting my time on a weird typography/Unicode sense of a synonym for an existing word.Meaning and definitions of antedate, translation in Hindi language for antedate with similar and opposite words.Also find spoken pronunciation of antedate in Hindi and in English language.A submission of evidence should always include is a unique historical dictionary which contains over 3 million real-life quotations tracing the history of each word through time.By documenting our evidence in OED entries, we also make it possible for others to find the same sources and review our work, an important part of any academic undertaking.

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