Cheap fat camps for young adults

We have helped over 1000 individuals regain their confidence and health through our proven and medically backed weight loss program.Every year we welcome guests from around the world.We are truly planning on making this a lifestyle change for us, as well as Bailey. ”- Jeff & Kim S., Parents of Bailey, Wichita Falls, TX Because each Wellspring camp has slightly different food and lodging expenses, at the end of the summer, please call us to receive an invoice that breaks out lodging and food from total tuition and fees.Whether you combine insurance coverage and our loan program, take advantage of your Flexible Spending Account, or simply support your camper by attending the Family Workshop, there is a path for you to help your loved ones become long-term weight controllers with Wellspring.Looking to travel to America’s top rated weight loss camp?Contact us today and one of our camp consultants will help you plan your trip to One Fitness Camp.

There is nothing else in the world worth investing in more than yourself.Families are sometimes able to pay for Wellspring with a medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA).If you have a FSA or HSA, you are no doubt aware that it is extremely beneficial for you to use this account for all allowable expenses, as you will be spending pre-tax dollars, thereby significantly reducing the effective expense.She had such an incredible experience and was so sad leaving everyone.She said it was the best experience in her life thus far!!

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