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Villagers are sometimes recruited for labour migration by recruitment agency representatives, or those posing as representatives, and then find they have been deceived into exploitative situations.The Myths of Sex Trafficking and Sex Slavery, Research papers, Prostitution, Human Trafficking statistics, Sex Workers, sex tourism, Somaly Mam, Facts, Lies, Truth, report, essay, term paper, study, project, Fact Sheet, Sex Slaves, Super Bowl, urban legend, Olympics, world cup, child prostitution, victims, help, Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA, United States, America, India, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Asia, Brazil, College, University, Boulder, Fort Collins, exaggerated statistics, numbers, Thesis, dissertation, documentary, movie video news TV program film interview police law Proposition 35 Taken non profit forced sex rape charities Somaly Mam The following is a Truth-out article by Anne Elizabeth Moore about Somaly Mam.How Somaly Mam (the Cambodian anti-sex trafficking activist) is still lying about sex trafficking and making lots of money off of her lies.Many were consensual adult sex workers; others were simply deemed “at risk” of trafficking (a description the report does not distinguish from other women living in poverty.) Today, despite Somaly Mam’s continued vagaries, insinuations, mischaracterizations and outright lies, her career as spokesperson for the American Rescue Industry seems poised for a full recovery.Many may balk at the idea that her falsehoods will still generate millions, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in donations toward murky ends.

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