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According to a participant, "the reconciliation has freed us up to embrace our customs and traditions, which we couldn't do before because of the guilt attached to Erromango's history and the tendency to view traditional culture as the antithesis of Christianity".Erromango and nearby Tanna were devastated by cyclone Pam in mid-March 2015, with reports from Tanna of an unknown number of deaths, complete destruction of the island’s infrastructure and permanent shelters, no drinking water. It measures approximately 48 km from the north-west tip to the south-east, and is between 20 and 30 kilometres wide. The island is situated between latitude 18°37'S and 18°59'S and 168°59'E and 168°20'E.This caused the abandonment of forms of cultural expression not sanctioned by the church.Belief in this 'curse' endured until the 2009 reconciliation ceremony, which initiated a re-examination of Erromango's history and culture from an Erromangan point of view.Between 18, around 40,000 people from what was then the New Hebrides were blackbirded onto ships to work as indentured labour on cotton and sugarcane plantations in Queensland, Australia.Another 10,000 went to work in nickel mines in New Caledonia and on plantations in Fiji, Samoa and Hawaii.

Dense evergreen forest covers nearly three-quarters of the island on the windward (eastern) side, while a combination of grassland and woodland occupies the north-west. Much of the vegetation on the island is secondary growth.

Following this incident, Cook gave the name 'Traitor's head' to the peninsula adjacent to Potnarvin.

In 1825, trader and adventurer Peter Dillon discovered the island's large reserves of sandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum), valued in China for its aromatic oil and as a carving wood.

In the middle of the east coast is a promontory formed by the volcanic cone of Mount Rantop.

6 km off the east coast is an uninhabited islet named Vetemanu (English name Goat Island) of approximately 12ha in area.

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